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2020 hasn't been the best year has it?
Despite all the uncertainty, we have been collecting the most amazing transformation stories. Our community have shared how they have more cases closed, bigger case sizes, and higher production and commissions than even before the pandemic!
The one thing in common with all these breakthroughs? Staying ahead of changes in the environment, by keeping up with new sales techniques, new strategies, and new tools and processes.
With a fast growing population of the educated middle class across Asia, consumers are leaning more towards getting information and transactions online. The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has significantly accelerated the tech adoption across South East Asia.
To stay above the regulatory pressures and ahead of fintech disruptions, there is an ever pressing need to adapt and transform our thinking, our advisory skills, our knowledge on finance and wealth, our workflow and client experience.

That’s why we are inviting all financial sales professionals to be a part of Asia’s largest  industry summit ever.


main objectives

Our vision is for every insurance agent, financial adviser, or even paraplanners to make the transition from product salespeople to wealth strategists. For that to happen, we have built a community centered around constant reeducation through innovative education. We believe that as financial sales professionals improve, the benefits of financial literacy and financial clarity will be passed down to more consumers.

We are working so hard for our money, we have to learn to make our money work hard for us. Sounds familiar? The truth is, many of us know how to give our clients the best advice, but how many of us have real strategies to ensure we head towards financial freedom?

Having a decent income is only half the journey walked. FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is the new rich. In this summit, we would be preparing a host of financial speakers to impart strategies for you to reach your own financial independence, so that you can serve high net-worth individuals, as a high net-worth individual.

The new normal, a term that has been on everyone's minds since March 2020. In this new normal, advisers must look more than ever before from lead generation, to prospect attraction. 

Anyone can agree, that when prospects make the first approach, cases are more easily closed, and case sizes are always bigger. Thus, part of this summit will be dedicated to educating everyone on how to increase your influence not only on social media, but in person as well.

host and headlining speaker

Chris Chan

Asia's #1 Referral Mentor, Business Breakthrough Coach

Meet the creator of Asia’s #1 Referral Revolution Program. Chris Chan has made millions with a handsome 6 figure passive income from his portfolio of investment properties, stocks, private equities as well as businesses.

He has retired since 2011 from providing financial advice to pursue his passion to provide consultancy to companies, mentor some of the best sales leaders as well as sales professionals across Asia to create business breakthroughs.

Chris has been invited to speak at different renowned organisations, inspiring tens of thousands across the region.

Practitioner Speakers

30-minute sharings from experienced practitioners to help you with direct strategies to close more, faster.


No.1 Millionaire coach

With more than 23 years experience, Dr. Niki Shuhada Shukor has a reputation for her passion in training and development. She is involved in corporate and professional training and development courses. She has helped institutions such as banks and insurance companies, marketing organizations and private individuals find clarity in planning their goals and achieving success.


She has been described as an outstanding trainer and a source of motivation by many. She heads her training company as well as leading more than 5,000 consultants from a leading financial institution, which succeeded in bringing in investments more than RM1 billion assets under management to date.

Melvin Esteban

CEO of Welead Financial Advisory

Melvin is the First and Only Filipino to be the recipient of the Young ASEAN Manager Award (YAMA). 

He has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, working in Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Fund Management (Equities), Niche Marketing, Product Development, Strategic Business Development, Profit Center Management and Workplace Learning and Development. Before starting his own company, weLEAD Advisory, he was the Wealth Management Specialists Head and the Soliciting Official of Citibank N.A. (North America) and a Senior Consultant for Citibank Malaysia.

Tay Kah LOk

Financial Practioner, Personal Finance Content Creator

Jiale is an award-winning financial practitioner and a personal finance content creator. For his relentless efforts in creating value for the community through social media to enhance financial literacy and for successfully building an attraction business model, Jiale was conferred the winner of the Digital Agent/Agency Leader of the Year, Asia in 2018 and also a finalist in the same category in 2020.

His business is now 100% powered by serving existing clients and passive introductions. He is currently heading and driving #TheAttractionGame movement amongst financial advisers in Asia: A business philosophy that focuses on serving the community above everything else.

He is also the host of the upcoming The Adviser of Advisers show, an interview show featuring the top financial advisers in Asia. 

Kristine Leechiu-Tan

Unit Manager , Multiple MDRT qualifier, COT Producer

As a second-generation Sun Lifer, Kristine followed the footsteps of her Mom Regina and siblings Reena and Terence in the insurance industry.  It was a slow and steady climb for her - getting her breakthrough just 6 years ago - when she finally realized the biggest person holding her back was her own self. 

A COT producer as well as multiple MDRT qualifier, she is also a 2-time Most Respected Advisor Awardee in Sun Life.  This by far is what she considers her greatest achievement among the numerous awards she has received - as it represents the values of Sun Life, the heart of service she provides her clients and her passion to pay it forward to colleagues in the industry as she too was once a struggling advisor.   

She is a blissful wife to Brix and fulfilled Mommy to Kyle, Keith and Kirk - her daily inspirations. 

wealth Speakers

30-minute sharings from masters outside the industry to help you and your clients with new wealth strategies.

Ken chee

CEO of 8VI Holdings Ltd

Ken Chee is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of 8I Holdings Ltd. 

An award-winning entrepreneur, author and savvy value investor, Ken Chee co-founded the 8I Group in 2008 during the Lehman Brothers crisis, with the purpose of creating sustainable value through investment and education. 

Driven with that in mind, Ken transformed 8 Investment into a publicly listed company within 6 years. 8I Holdings is now an Australian-listed company engaged in the businesses of financial education technology and financial asset management. With his keen business sense and financial acuity, Ken is heavily involved in the strategic development and partnerships for the 8I Group. 

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